Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Visee Lash Glamour Shape

I've been road-testing Visee Lash Glamour Shape (2100yen) for one week now and it has not impressed me very much. What excellent about it is that once applied, my lashes stay curled for several hours. The jet black formula also makes my lashes look more defined with greater volume. It's a fibre-based mascara and like most fibre-based mascaras, it builds good length and volume.

What I did not like about this mascara is that it is prone to clumping and you can end up with unnatural spikey looking lashes if you're not careful. As it is also waterproof, you will need an eye makeup remover that can remove waterproof mascara. I usually use just an cleansing oil to take off all my makeup, including mascara, and I found that I needed to massage my lashes for a longer time than usual in order get all of the Lash Glamour Shape mascara off.

Overall, I still prefer Awake's All Direction Mascara Stardom and Opera MyLash as they are much more goof-proof, easier to remove and come in a sleeker packaging compared to the Lash Glamour Shape's chunky tube. I'll continue using the Lash Glamour Shape but I won't be re-purchasing.


Anonymous said...

wow that mascara looks gorgeous in it's tube. i wonder how much 2100 yen is in american money? where do you get your awake mascara?

Haru said...

Hi Nikki,
2100yen is about US$20 but Visee is usually discounted in Japanese drugstores by 25% to 30% so it's quite affordable if you buy it in Japan. A friend who lives in Japan helped me to buy the Awake mascara.