Sunday, 13 July 2008

Body Shop Haul

As a bath products junkie, The Body Shop never fails to entice me with their sales and promotions. This month's promotion include a GWP of a bath lily, Passionfruit Body Scrub 50ml, Oceanus Shower Gel 200ml in a green drawstring bag worth $42.60 for every $65 purchase. The Cassis Rose, Neroli Jasmine and Aqua Lily Shower Gels were also on sale for $9.90 instead of the usual $14.90. Other great deals include the new Eye Lustre Pearls and Eye Lustre Liner from the new Sun Drenched summer collection for $32.90 per set instead of the usual $44.80; and the Cassis Rose, Neroli Jasmine and Aqua Lily EDT and Body Lotion 200ml sets for $26.90 a set instead of the usual $41.80.

I ended up getting the Cassis Rose, Neroli Jasmine and Aqua Lily Shower Gels, the Cassis Rose EDT & Body Lotion Set, Aloe Vera Toner, Sun Lustre Bronzer #1 Bronze Gleam, Eye Lustre Pearls #2 Golden Green and Eye Lustre Liner #2 Mercury Shine, a blackened emerald green. Total damage was $151.42 but with supposed 'savings' of $136.58, it was pretty worthwhile as I got 2 sets of the GWP! The Sun Lustre Bronzer was $36.90 but there was a 20% discount with the Body Shop members' card. I'm just glad that Bath & Body Works doesn't have any stores in Singapore or I would be in even more trouble!

You can check out the Body Shop's monthly promotions here!


Anonymous said...

Where do you get the magazine from?

Haru said...

Do you mean the Biteki magazine? In Singapore, you can find it at Kinokuniya bookstores.