Saturday 26 July 2008

Suqqu Fall Collection

Suqqu's new fall collection, Kokoroiro - Himeaka (loosely translated as "Heart colors - secret red", will be launched on 8 August in Japan. The collection includes

1. Eyelid Base: powder eyeshadow base (4200yen)

2. Dual Eyeshadow: 5 duos each comprising a dark shading color and a light highlighting shade with green nuance pearl (5250yen)

3. Eyeliner Creamy: in 3 new shades, #3 Jet Bordeaux, #4 Brown and #5 Green Blue (3990yen)

4. Mascara: in 3 formulas, Volume N, Long N and Volume Long N. Both Long N and Volume Long N are fibre-based mascaras. (5250yen)

5. Blend Cheeks: #5 Kasenebeni (6825yen)

6. Blend Lipstick #12 Kishu, #13 Kogareshu and #14 Kaki (5250yen)

7. Gloss and Lip Color: in 3 limited edition shades, EX04 Oncha, EX05 Omoka and EX06 Harecha (3360yen)

I've never been a fan of Suqqu as its makeup just does not look attractive enough to me to justify the high price points.


Kathi said...

The quality of Suqqu makeup isn't all that superior in my opinion. The products are good but not excellent and way overpriced!

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

I totally agree, it is just too overpriced and the colours are just downright strange sometimes, too Oriental-inspired for my tastes perhaps.

makeupmag said...

Me three. Its target market are more mature ladies, no? ;)

The lash curler, however, is a true winner for my single lidded eyes.

Their multicoloured pigments (Eye Lucent) are gorgeous too. Someone on EMMU described it aptly as crushed rainbows!