Sunday, 13 July 2008

Bea's Up August '08

The August issue of Bea's Up is the first Japanese beauty magazine to publish a catalog of the fall makeup collections. The Bea's Up catalog features 39 brands in total. The rest of the issue focuses on summer beauty, such as long-lasting eye makeup techniques, facial lotions for the summer etc. The cover girl is actress and Maquillage model Misaki Ito.


Vichaya said...

Which one you like better between Biteki and Bea's up? I'm new to Japanese magazine and would love to know more about them. Thanks!

Haru said...

Hi Vichaya!

I usually prefer Biteki to Bea's Up as Biteki is more substantial with more articles, detailed makeup tutorials and excellent photography compared to Bea's Up. Plus Biteki has GWPs, like skincare samples etc, occasionally unlike Bea's Up. For Japanese beauty mags, my favourites are Voce and Biteki, followed by Maquia and Bea's Up.

Vichaya said...

Thanks a lot! :)