Thursday, 17 July 2008

Review: The Body Shop Eye Lustre Liner

I picked up The Body Shop's Eye Lustre Liner (S$21.90) in Mercury Shine last week as part of a major haul. Having worn it twice by now, I have to say that I love how it looks on me but one unpleasant surprise was that shortly after applying it, it starts to sting!

Although my experience with liquid eyeliners is very limited as I've tried less than five in my lifetime, I'm pretty sure they are not supposed to sting especially since they are formulated for the sensitive eye area. The stinging, which is fairly mild but still not pleasant, does subside after a minute or two and after it dries, it stays on pretty well without any creasing or fading even after 8 hours. The shade is a gorgeous metallic dark forest green which I find to be more flattering than the standard matte black eyeliner.

In my every day routine, I usually skip eyeliner and just use a dark powder eyeshadow to line my upper lids but thanks to the Eye Lustre Liner, I've discovered that liquid liner actually does a far better job of making my eyes look bigger. Drawing that small upwards flick at the outer corners of the eyes also adds that extra touch of polish that you can't really get with just powder eyeshadow.

The super slim brush of the Eye Lustre Liner is quite easy to use and I had no difficulties drawing a solid fine line. Previously with other liquid eyeliners, the main problem I faced was that the eyeliner would not apply evenly as it would sink into the fine lines and creases along the eyelash line. What I liked best about the Mercury Shine Eye Lustre Liner is that it is well-pigmented with a lovely glimmer. The blackened green tone is dark enough to complement many different shades of eyeshadow.

Overall, I like the overall effect enough to keep using it on a daily basis even though there is a mild stinging sensation. But if you have hyper-sensitive eyes, I would not recommend this.

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