Thursday, 17 July 2008

Esprique Precious Fall '08

Esprique Precious will launch its fall collection, Brilliant Cinderella on 21 August. The collection includes:

1. Dress On Shiny Eyes: Four eyeshadow quads (3675yen)

2. Dress On Moist Rouge: Glossy, pigmented long-lasting lipstick in 10 shades (3150yen)

3. Dual Pencil Eyeliner: 5 shades (2100yen)

4. Rouge Stylish (Liquid Type: 3 new shades PK826 (pink with silver and red reflects), BR323 (shiny brown with gold and red pearl), RO623 (rose with gold pearl) (2940yen)

The Dress On Shiny Eyes palettes look like a rehash of the usual gradational shades in pink, brown and green that Japanese brands have a boring tendency to put out every season. It also looks like a copycat of Aube's Jewellery Shower Eyes with the pearl cream base shade and three powder eyeshadow shades.

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