Thursday, 10 July 2008

Cle de Peau Synergique

Cle de Peau, which is Shiseido's ultra-luxe high end prestige brand, will be launching a new line of skincare, Synergique on 21 September in Japan. It is targeted at ladies who want a simple but effective skincare regime, in particular career women in their 30s to 40s and rich housewives in their late 40s. The products contain a rose fragrance, from Rose Synergique, a new rose species that took 11 years to develop with a French rose company, and a whitening ingredient known as '4MSK'.

1. Savon Synergique (cleansing soap) 10500yen, 100g
2. Serum Synergique N (moisturising fluid) 21000yen, 125ml
3. Essence Synergique Jour (day moisturiser) 21000yen, 20g
4. Essence Synergique Nuit (night moisturiser) 26250yen, 40ml
5. Creme Synergique 126,000yen, 40g

I believe the Creme Synergique probably sets a new record in terms of pricing for face creams, at more than US$1100. In comparison, La Mer seems affordable...almost.

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