Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Coffret D'Or Website Update

The Coffret D'Or website has been updated with the new Fall/Winter '08 base makeup collection to be released on 1 September. The line is formulated with "Moist Layer ingredients" and "Shining Moist Powder" to help maintain the moisture level while enhancing the translucent look of skin to give you that glow from within. The Beauty Essence Gel Foundation also has a "Aqua Covering" complex that helps to maintain moisture.

The Blend Color Blush, which contains a mix of 5 highlight and gradational blush shades, looks like the most interesting item in the collection!

1. Beauty Essence Pact SPF23 PA++: 7 shades
2. Pact Foundation Case (2008AW)
3. Beauty Essence Gel Foundation SPF17 PA++: 7 shades
4. Beauty Essence Veil: Gel makeup primer
5. Makeup Pressed Powder
6. Blend Color Blush: 3 shades
7. Powder Case: can be used for the Blend Color Blush or Pressed Powder
8. Powder Puff

The list of products used on models Shibasaki Kou and Tokiwa Takako can be viewed here and here.


Anonymous said...

The new blend blush looks very similar to both the Exel and Sana ones!

Sonia said...

It looks like the yellow toned shades are lighter than pink toned?

Haru said...

The Coffret D'Or foundation shades are divided into 2 groups, Ochre (B, C, D) and Beige (B, C, D), and there is also a Soft Ochre C. Soft Ochre is pink-toned, while the Ochre shades are neutral toned and Beige shades are yellow-toned. In my experience with Japanese foundation shades, the Beige shades do tend to run a little bit lighter than Ochre shades for some reason but I think the difference is really minimal. I haven't tried out Coffret D'Or foundations before so I can't really say how their individual shades compare to one another.