Friday, 18 July 2008

Fancl Fall '08

Fancl will release its Fall '08 collection on 18 August in Japan.

1. Gloss Rouge: lip color and shimmery lip gloss duo (1500yen)

2. Cheek Color: Coral Mix (950yen)

3. Foundation case: limited edition in silver (740yen)

4. Colourful Eye Color: 2 new trios in Purple Symphony and Bronze Symphony (1160yen)

5. Skin Care Base Milky: new shade in Amethyst Pink (purple-toned pink) (1420yen)


plue said...

the colours are pretty!
where can i get my hands on them?

Haru said...

I'm guessing Fancl is not available in your country, Malaysia? There are Fancl counters in Singapore. Perhaps you can ask a friend over here to help you purchase them? But I think the collection won't arrive in Singapore until August. Or you can always try, as they do custom orders but the markup can be quite substantial. Good luck!

plue said...

thanks dear!

i think i will try Singapore, as I might be heading there sometime later...

ichibankao is way too expensive... the markup is too high!

thanks alot for the info! love ur site!