Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sofina Primavista

Kao will be launching a new base makeup brand, Sofina Primavista on 1 September in Japan. Primavista was developed to target the needs of women in their late 20s to 40s who tend to want to appear more youthful present than their actual age. A key focus is on improving facial skin texture which is a primary feature used for guessing one's age.

The newly developed "Face Lamp Powder" allows more light to be absorbed by the inner skin in comparison with the Kao's existing powders. More light penetrates and disperses with "Face Lamp Powder"; the skin surface becomes more luminous and reflects light in all directions over its surface. The face looks more brilliant from deep within the layers, and wavy shadows on the surface, which accentuate facial maturing, disappear. The fragrance-free foundations also contain "Live Pearl" for natural radiance to make the facial skin texture livelier, chamomile extract for moisturizing benefits.

'Prima vista' means 'first look' in Italian and it is supposed to reflect the zest SOFINA produces: lively and bright first impressions for all females.

The package design - a small box in pink beige, which symbolizes the brilliance in skin, tied carefully with a ribbon in mocha brown - was created with the concept that the purchaser may perceive each product as an intimate gift to herself; a present that enhances her unique beauty.

The lineup includes:
1. Powder Foundation(Moist Touch): Spreads and sets up evenly for a professional, moisturized finish, even on skin subject to dryness. Seven shades, SPF15 PA++

2. Compact Case for Powder Foundation

3. Cream Foundation: Spreads gently - as though it melts - to perfectly cover the skin and contains effective ingredients formulated for firm and moisturized skin such as AL proline, ginger extract, hiba extract, chamomile extract, horse chestnut extract and tuberose polysaccharide. Seven shades, 30g

4. Smooth Coat Base: Covers visible pores and coarse skin texture for a smooth finish, maximizing effects of makeup foundations. Naturally hides shadows and contours through light effect and prevents makeup foundation from wearing off for a long-lasting and flawless finish. Contains chamomile extract and is fragrance free. SPF10, PA+, 21g

5. Bright Up Base: Covers skin dullness for a bright, clear finish. Augments violet and blue light spectrum for a bright and clear finish and prevents makeup foundation from wearing off, for a long-lasting and flawless finish. Contains chamomile extract and is fragrance free. SPF10, PA+, 21g

6. Face Powder (Ultra-fine): Thoroughly covers wavy contours with light effect, creating fine, smooth skin texture and naturally matches with any skin color, providing bright, translucent skin. Gently covers the skin with comforting smoothness while bringing light to the inner skin, eliminating shadows on the skin surface. Fragrance free, 15g


Pink Sith said...

I wonder if the 6. Face Powder (Ultra-fine)has silica powder in it... as some brands are moving to this and promoting it as a "HD powder." Any idea?

Haru said...


I'm afraid there was no information on this in the press release.

cavano said...

Hi Haru;

Did you happen to know any more info about the brand? Like pricing etc. I suppose it's one of the no price list brand since I can't find the price in Sofina web (ie. no discount :(). Thanks Haru!