Sunday, 13 July 2008

MAC Soft & Slow Lipglass

I used to be a hardcore MAC addict when I first started getting into makeup about 7 years ago. It seemed like every limited edition collection kept calling my name with a 'must-have-it-now-or-regret it later' urgency. But that was a time when MAC put out color collections every 2 months instead of every 2 weeks as it seems to do these days. Before I knew it, I ended up with a ton of MAC eyeshadows and lipglasses that were more often than not, used only a few times before I started neglecting them for the newer additions to my stash.

Out of about two dozen lipglasses that I owed, I only ever finished one, Oyster Girl which was great for adding a pearl shimmer to any lipstick. I got at most halfway through a couple of other shades like Lovechild and Pop Mode. And so I basically banned myself from buying any more lipglasses. Gradually my MAC addiction also faded and I no longer felt like I needed to get something from every collection. I managed to edit my MAC purchases to a bare minimum of what I felt were real must-haves and stuff that I would use frequently, instead of going nuts trying to collect every blue, aquamarine and teal eyeshadow that MAC put out. (I've also sadly discovered that as I get older, it gets harder to pull off my favourite blue and teal shades.)

Well, thanks to my lovely mate, the Muse, I've finally broken my lipglass ban for Soft & Slow lipglass from the Neo Sci-fi collection. At first, I totally gave this collection a pass as I hated the promo image for the collection, the neon orange packaging looked too loud and the eyeshadows (which are usually what I check out in the LE color stories) were either too pale or boring neutrals. But after reading the Muse's glowing review and great pics of Soft & Slow, I ran to my MAC counter and picked it up along with another two tubs of Volcanic Ash Exfoliator which I love to bits.

Slow & Soft reminds me of Twig lipstick as it's a great warm rosy pink shade that looks good on just about anybody. It has only a hint of shimmer and applies more like a creamy semi-matte shade that looks instantly classic, polished and feminine. It's the equivalent of the trusty little black dress that you throw on when you just want to look good without thinking or fussing too much. I've even grown fond of the blinding neon orange cap as it makes it a breeze to locate the tube amidst all the clutter of my bag. So thanks, Muse, for the great recommendation!

Click here to read a great in-depth interview with the Muse by The Beauty of Life!

1 comment:

the Muse said...

hehehe I love being the wicked enabler ;)

I bet you look fab in this shade ;)

Truly a good one!

Lucky you to have nabbed another VA..I only got two jars :( wanted a third but it sold out way too quickly. fab stuff!

Love ya!