Sunday, 20 July 2008

Recent non-makeup acquisitions

You know how there are some shopping days when nothing strikes your fancy even after visiting several malls but there are some days when it seems like everywhere you turn, there's a new gotta-have-it-now item just begging you to bring it home with you? Well, yesterday was one of those days when I went out not expecting to buy anything but came back with armloads of stuff. My reasoning is that it's not every season that I find unique pieces that I really adore so when I see stuff that I like, I usually don't hesitate to pick them up.

My first purchase was this pair of Mary Jane flats covered in super-bling chunky silver glitter from Topshop. What I liked was the contrast of the sparkly glitter with the demure style, plus it's very comfortable. The original price was S$63 but I got it for $53.55 after the 15% F3 discount. It's listed for 22 pounds on the Topshop site.

Next was this asymmetrical grey top from The Little Voice, which stocks clothes with a Japanese sensibility with many unusual details, at Bugis Junction. This was S$74.80 and it also came with a black obi sash.

Finally, at Zara, I picked up this pair of brown leather strappy sandals which I had been lemming ever since I saw it on the mannequin in the store window at VivoCity. This was S$139, quite pricey but I'll probably be able to get a lot of wear out of this as it has a fairly low heel. Zara is a hit-and-miss store for me. I like their casual TRF line and occasionally, they do fantastic shoes, jackets and blouses but the clothes are cut mainly for lanky Europeans rather than petite Asians. The new collection has many gorgeous floaty silky blouses with flowy sleeves that looked gorgeous on the rack but just seemed to swallow me up when I tried them on. But I found a couple of casual tops and a cute A-line floral-print dress. All in all, it was a most satisfying haul :-)

Now, I just need to resist going back for a second round. I highly recommend the Zara store in Great World City which is much less crowded and not as messy as the other Zara stores in the city. The changing room was virtually empty, and this was on a Saturday evening.


cewek said...

I love the ZARA at Great World City too! I also love the nearby food court in the area :)

Taryn said...

Hey Iris,

Very cute shoes! I love them!

I gave you a Brilliante Premio Weblog Award 2008. Hope you don't mind! Check out my blog to see it - you can pass it along to other blogs that you love.

Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your Topshopn glittery Mary Janes!

Haru said...

Dear Taryn,

wow, that's awesome, thank you so much for the great compliment! I didn't know you had started a blog. I've just placed a link to it on my blog :-)