Saturday, 19 July 2008

Majolica Majorca Website Update

The Majolica Majorca website has been updated with the new "A Girl With Wings" collection.

Each seasonal MM collection is always presented as a new "Chapter" on the website done in a cute, whimsical style. The first screen reads,"Girls always have unexplainable, strange dreams. 'Ah, what should I do to escape this world?'."

The first dream: a tower of books. "The bookmark! Must find the bookmark!" Clicking on the bookmark leads to a page introducing the new Lash Gorgeous Wing, which contains long and short fibres for a lush, feathery look.

The second dream: an unstoppable clock. "Must meet the 12 o'clock deadline, or else..." Clicking on the clock face leads to the new Majolook (Trick On) palettes.

The third dream: a flood of tea. "There's already a lot of tea!" Clicking on the teapot handle leads to the two new Majex lipglosses.

List of products used for the Night makeup look (left): Lash Gorgeous Wing BK999, Neo Automatic Liner BK911, Majolook Trick On GR750, Majex lipgloss PK211.
For the Day look: Lash Gorgeous Wing BK999, Neo Automatic Liner BR622, Majolook Trick On BR751, Majex lipgloss BE210.

The website also features two downloadable wallpapers.

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Anonymous said...

hi haru ,

i'm heading over to tokyo in october, just wondering if you can point out to me which are the best malls / drugstore shops to purchase drugstore brands cosmetics? thanks!