Thursday, 3 July 2008

Kate Fall '08

Here's the complete list of products that Kate will be releasing for fall on 1 August.

1. Glam Trick Eyes BR2: red-toned brown (1680yen)

2. Gradical Eyes WN1: bordeaux brown and wine (1470yen)

3. Line Spicy N PU1: brown and purple (1680yen)

4. Deep Trap Eyes: BR1, BR2, BU1, PU1 and GY1 (1680yen)

5. Curve Wax Mascara (1575yen)
6. Rouge Extra: Moisturising lipstick in 14 shades, formulated with jojoba oil, olive oil and almond oil. (1575yen)

7. Powder Gel Liner N: New soft gel formula in 4 shades, BK1, BR1, GN1 and BU1. The accompanying brush has also been re-designed to be even softer. (1575yen)

Kate has not done a green gel liner before so that should be interesting to check out. The new Deep Trap Eyes palettes don't look that exciting to me, just the usual gamut of browns, beiges and pale blues and purples.


Kathi said...

A green Kate gel liner! Yay! Finally!
The palettes probably look better in real life and the lipsticks look promising =D

Anonymous said...

You are right, the palettes do not appeal right now, really dull colors ...