Friday 3 December 2010

Addiction Spring 2011 Out of Africa

Addiction's theme for its spring collection is "Out of Africa". Due out on 14 January in Japan, the collection includes:

1. Eyeshadow: 6 new shades in Earth Wind, Out of Africa, Safari Mode, Mystic Mirage, Midnight Oasis and Singita. (2100yen)

2. Lipstick: 2 new shades in Masai and Acacia (2940yen)

3. Lipgloss: 3 new shades in Miss Honey, Vanilla Break and Cacao Beans (2625yen)

4. Blush: 2 new shades in African Sunset and Rose Bar (2940yen)

5. Nail Polish 3 new shades in Vanilla Break, Singita and Cacao Beans (1890yen)

The dusky tones are unusual for spring, but nevertheless it looks like a highly wearable collection.


makeupmag said...

All those dirty browns! I like! :D

Sandee said...

hi Iris
I think the price for the lipgloss maybe incorrect? 26425 yen is too pricey for a lipgloss ;)

Kathi said...

The lipsticks look great! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi, is addiction available in narita dutyfree?

Haru said...

Nope, it is not.