Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Shopping at Kinokuniya

This year, I did most of my Christmas shopping at Kinokuniya. For my young cousins, I bought the Skating School novels by Linda Chapman. For my two male cousins (one is about to get married and the other finally got a girlfriend), I got them John Gray's bestselling Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, and Mars & Venus Together Forever. Figured it can't hurt them to get an insight into how to communicate better with women!

I also picked up this funky Cool Robot chocolate/ice tray. This should be pretty fun to try out!

Kinokuniya also has an adorable range of Kutsushita Nyanko stationery. I'm not a cat person but still, I found this letter set and notepad too cute to resist!

The notepad comes with a sheet of stickers. I always can't bear to use these!

The letter set includes 40 sheets of letter paper and 20 envelopes in 4 designs.

Aside from these purchases at Kino, I also purchased Glee and Pink CDs, the hilarious Despicable Me movie DVD and Topshop makeup as gifts for my extended family. Hope you've completed your Christmas shopping smoothly as well!


makeupmag said...

Sooo cute, the stationery! Everything looks so refined. I still miss Nyan Nyan Nyanko, though. ;)

Haru said...

Next time I go Japan, will look out for it for you! :-)

makeupmag said...

Hey Iris,

Thank you, thank you! Sadly, I think it be hard to find, unless it's discontinued stuff.

Funnily enough, although it's Nyan Nyan Nyanko's 10th Anniversary this year, they've only come out with electronic wallpaper and the like; no real merchandise (unless I missed it on the website).

Some Hong Kong companies (used to?) produce Nyanko merchandise - maybe they bought the license. The stuff looks authentic enough; have a couple of the HK-made items. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the robot ice tray! Is it found at the stationary section?

Haru said...

Yes, I found in on the stationery shelves opposite the English graphic novels section. It was placed near all the Kutsushita Nyanko stationery.