Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Stila Travel Palettes Collection

I popped down to the Escentials boutique in Tangs Orchard today to get the Stila Fabulous in Fiji palette, which is the fifth and final palette in this year's Travel Palettes series. The palette is retailing at S$20 at Tangs (versus US$10 on and

Tangs only had the Fiji and Tokyo palettes in stock. The holiday collection is also in, including the Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette, the Eye for Color palette, the set of 8 lipglazes (S$46) and set of 5 brushes with black handles and pink ferrules (S$45).

I have already reviewed the Road to Radiance Across the USA and Pretty in Paris palettes but haven't tried out the other three yet. Below is Fabulous in Fiji. For me, the chief appeal of the palettes remains the powder eyeshadows, the affordable price tag and the Stila girls illustrations. The Convertible Colors feel too greasy on my skin and a couple, like those in the Moscow and Tokyo palettes, don't even show up on me except as an oily sheen.

Make An Impression in Moscow

Trendsetting in Tokyo

Just when I thought I had completed my collection of the Travel Palettes, a new Adventurous in Aspen has popped up as an exclusive on also has an exclusive Empowered in Pink palette. Dang, I want them all!


Anonymous said...

Stills has the lipglaze set? I went there 5 days ago n they said it was sold out... :(

Haru said...

Yup, they had the lipglaze set :-) I didn't get it though as several of the lipglazes look very pale, and my guess is that they will look pretty much the same as one another when applied.

Kas said...

I love love how the Adventurous in Aspen palette looks with the blue and gold! Why must such things be exclusive?!! But its so nice to see your entire collection!

Urban said...

I saw those palettes in Nordstrom Rack in Denver and was not impressed ... they seemed to be not as good as the regular stila products. But hey - for $10 they are surely worth a try!

FarahDean said...

WOW that fiji one v nice! A while ago I was smitted with Moscow when Kas posted it!

Jean said...

Hi, these palettes look lovely! :)
Just to ask, do you know how much the stila eye for colour palette retails for at tangs orchard?

MatryoshkaDoll said...

I've been obsessively collecting these palettes too, save for the USA one. I like the design of the Tokyo one, but have no idea how I'd use the colors.

My Aspen one just arrived today from Sephora! And I didn't know about that Ulta one, thanks for that info!

Haru said...

hi Urban Warrior,
The quality is definitely not as good as the usual Stila eyeshadows/Convertible Colors that are made in the USA. The Travel Palettes are made in China, which I guess is why they are so affordable. Nevertheless, I do like the eyeshadows.

hi farah,
Fiji does look very bright and popping!

Hey Kas,
You should see the rest of my Stila palettes collection! ;p

Hi Jean,
Sorry, I didn't ask about the price of the Eye for Color palette.

Hi Matryoshka,
I definitely need to order the Aspen and Pink palettes too :-) Tokyo looks like it'll be quite fun to experiment with, although the convertible color doesn't show up on me.

Jenice said...

I bought the Tokyo and Fiji palettes from Tangs too!! Didn't want to buy the Fiji palette as the convertible color looks too dark for my skintone but after swatches of the eyeshadows. I knew I have to get it!! oh well, at least I can use the convertible on my lips ;) Hell.... they have 2 exclusive palettes??? Both look better than the rest of the palettes!!! Shucks, they don't ship to SG too, am I right?

Ivy Low said...

oh..i like the moscow and the pink one =)

Lynn said...

I need to get Moscow and Fiji! Hmm... $20 is not that bad, since if you factor in exchange rate and shipping, you're only saving a couple of dollars from ordering at Sephora. But i may just have to place an order soon, just cause i want to get the Sephora Exclusive :)

Haru said...

hi Jenice,
They don't ship to Singapore although you might be able to order through Vpost or Borderlinx. I usually just ask my friend in the US to help me place an order.

Aiulura said...

I just ordered the Aspen set and I'm pretty excited for it. But I missed the one at Ulta. I don't think Ulta has it anymore...or at least not on their website.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am just wondering if you know if the Stila lip gaze set is still available and how much does it cost?

Haru said...

The lipglaze set was already sold out at the Escentials counter at Tangs Orchard the last time I was there. I think it costs around S$40+.