Friday 31 December 2010

Sleek Curious i-Divine Palette Look #3

Today being the final day of 2010, I was in the mood for a fun, light-hearted look. The shades that I used in the Sleek Curious i-Divine Palette are marked with an "X" in the pic below.

Using Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist GR751 Dew Green as the base, I applied the sky blue shade from the inner corner to the middle of the upper lid, the teal shade from the middle of the lid to the outer corner and the purple shade blended into the crease.

Next, I used the light beige shade as a wash over the browbone area and at the inner corners and lined the lower lashline with the silver shade. I also added a touch of the dark olive shade at the outer corner of the upper lashline but you can't really see it in the pics as most of it ended up being covered up by the Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner in Cognac. I finished by applying Visee Wide Impact (Curl Long) mascara in BK002 Blue Black.

The key to this look is to blend the edges between the different shades so that there is a smooth gradational effect. I use the MAC mini shader brush #228 (middle brush in the pic below) to apply the blue and teal shades. Then I use the MAC #224 blender brush (right) to lightly apply the purple shade in the crease and then blend the edges between the different shades. I also like using the #224 blender brush to apply shades that have a tendency to be too frosty, like the light beige shade. The #224 brush gives a diffuse, sheer finish so you get more of a pearlish glimmer rather than an icy frostiness.

The MAC #213 brush (left) is also very useful for applying shades when you want a more pigmented finish. The #228 brush is for more precise work, like along the lashline. My #213 and #224 brushes are "Special Edition" versions from a holiday brush set that I purchased around 2001. MAC brushes that come as part of a set are marked with "SE" and are not as good quality as the regular brushes. Nevertheless, these two SE brushes have lasted very well through all these years with regular washing with the MAC brush cleanser. The #228 brush is from the regular line-up and one of my staples.

For the rest of the look, I used Lancome Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation O-03 topped with Cosme Decorte AQ Face Powder N 001, Dior Skinflash, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 02, Beauté de Kosé Rouge Fantasist PK891 Raspberry Pink and Esprique Precious Gradation Layer Cheeks 01 Coral Red.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, everyone! :-)


Lynn said...

Thanks for all the great looks that you've done with this palette! I love the blues and green :) drools, i need to lay my hands on Sleek palettes!

Happy 2011 to you!

espenine said...

Hello Haru,

May I know what you think of Lancome Miracle Teint?

Happy New Year to you!

Haru said...

I've written a detailed review of Lancome Teint Miracle here:

It's an excellent foundation, very light textured and natural-looking as well as providing some coverage.

hi Lynn,
Thanks! You should definitely give Sleek a try! Happy new year to you :-)

pinklady2711 said...

Hi Iris

As usual your eye makeup looks fantastic! If only I can do 50% of what you can.

I always struggle with my eye makeup esp on drawing the eye liner part. Can't really draw a smooth line like yours and I always end up redoing my eye makeup when I try to be ambitious and draw the eye liner.

Haha. Thanks for the post, showcase another colour combination that I can try this weekend.

Haru said...

Thanks! It took me a lot of daily practice to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner, and even now, some days I still mess it up. If you are just starting to learn how to apply eyeliner, you can try using gel eyeliners (by Kate, Maybelline, Maquillage, Bobbi Brown and MAC all make good ones) as these are easier to use than liquid eyeliner, and you can take your time with it before it sets. Gel eyeliners also last very well. Once you get the hang of it, the eyeliner can be very quick to do.

pinklady2711 said...

Hi Iris

Thanks for the advise. Will go get a gel eyeliner this weekend to try! Hopefully I can slowly master the art of eye makeup.

Joyce said...

Hi Haru!

ive been an avid reader of your blog. it's great pleasure reading your blog because your updates are so constant and helpful! hope you'll continue to do so for 2011 :)

and thats a beautiful combination of eyeshadow you had created. try lining your upper waterline too! it will define your eyes better ;)