Sunday 26 December 2010

Stila Adventurous in Aspen

Adventurous in Aspen is a new Stila Travel Palette that is exclusive to Sephora. Stila had earlier put out five of these Travel Palettes, starting with Road to Radiance Across The USA and ending with Fabulous in Fiji. Adventurous in Aspen (US$10) came as a nice "bonus" surprise of sorts, and naturally I had to get it to complete my collection.

I liked the thoughtful inscription inside under the mirror. Some of you may remember that Stila's early eyeshadow palettes that came in round cardboard packaging usually had quotes printed on the under side of the cover.

The four powder eyeshadows are Snow Angel (pale shimmery lavender), Icicles (dusky blue), Glisten (dirty metallic bronze) and Ajax (black with gold glitter flecks). The Rosy Convertible Color is a standard light pink.

The eyeshadows are as usual, pretty good quality and easy to apply and blend. There are also no repeats of any shades from the previous Travel Palettes, which I appreciate. Snow Angel reminds me of MAC Digit but with more of a shimmery glimmer. Icicles looks similar to MAC Deep Truth at first but turned out to be more sheer and with a heavier grey tone. Glisten has a lovely rich metallic finish while Ajax is a intense sooty black that causes a bit of fallout while being applied.

The Convertible Color was again a total bomb for me. When I received it, it was already "sweating" majorly. I used a Gatsby oil blotting sheet to lift off the surface oil. The oil soaked completely through the Gatsy sheet, turning it transparent. It still felt greasy to touch and applied too sheer.

Using a green Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist as the base, I applied Snow Angel from the browbone down to the crease, Icicle over the eye socket area, Glisten at the inner corners and along the lashline, and Ajax along the upper lashline and outer corners. Then I finished by lining the upper lashline with Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner and applying my usual Visee mascara.

Here's the simple look that I did for the Christmas gathering with my family yesterday. The lip color is NARS Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss, which photographed redder than it actually is in real life.

Despite the mediocre quality of the Convertible Colors, I've greatly enjoyed collecting the Travel Palettes and wish that Stila would continue the series. Look how pretty they are stacked up like mini hardcover books!


Ashley said...

Have you seen the Stila Empowered By PINK Palette? I think it's only available through Ulta but I think that would complete your collection!

Haru said...

hi Ashey,
Yes, I've seen it but think it sold out on Ulta already sadly!

Anonymous said...

These look like a lovely thing to collect - much more interesting than my pans in their boring silver cases!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

Lynn.TrinketsLove said...

Hi Iris!
What a coincidence! I just got Aspen few days ago too. I love this palette and the USA one most :) And I like the look your have created with this palette, good inspiration and learning for me!

Lynn said...

I'm eagerly waiting for my order from Sephora to arrive now >_<

I wanted the Ulta one, but sad to say i doubt they're going to restock it. Boo.

FarahDean said...

Your lips look really strawberry juicy! Very nice.

celest said...

i think someone else if using your photo of the palette on ebay? or did you authorise that?

see here

Haru said...

hi Celest,
Thanks for informing me. I have reported the seller to Ebay.