Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sleek and ASOS Haul

Came home to find two parcels waiting for me! One was my Sleek order of four Sparkle i-Divine palettes, one Acid palette and a blush. Not all the items are for me, some are for friends.

Everything was quite nicely packaged, with no breakage. I placed the order on 11 December. It was despatched on 15 December and took just one week to arrive. Luckily it managed to escape the delays caused by the snow in the UK!

Sparkle is the limited edition palette for this holiday season. Both Kas (Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle) and Sophia (Make-up blogette) have just featured this palette on their respective blogs so do check out their reviews. I'll probably get around to trying this only next week.

When I saw the Acid palette in London, I thought it looked too much like those bright watercolour palettes for kids. But after being impressed by the other Sleek palettes that I purchased, I figured I might as well get this to round out my collection.

The second parcel was my ASOS order that I placed while I was still on vacation in New Delhi. ASOS was offering free international shipping at that time. Coupled with the low pound, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. I have a second order that should be arriving soon as well. My order was placed on 9 December and despatched on that very day.

The Lipsy jersey dress feels very soft and comfy. Originally priced at £50, I purchased it for £40. It has since been further reduced to £35 on Lipsy is also available locally at Robinsons (Raffles City).

As my Swatch bracelet watch was already missing a couple of crystals, I decided to get this Lipsy Charm Bracelet Watch as well. At just £35 (about S$70), I thought it was very affordable!

It is slightly chunkier and heavier than my Swatch version, but I love the crystal embellishments and attached charms. You can find it on ASOS here.

It sits quite loosely around my wrist so it does slide around quite a bit.

The final item is this ASOS ring (£12) which was featured on the website's front page when I was shoppng. I was intrigued by the wing-like pattern and placed it in my basket immediately. The S size turned out to be a perfect fit for my middle finger.

Very happy with all my purchases! :-)


Anna said...

Isn't it amazing to receive such lovely parcels ONE day before Christmas :D!

I so wanted to try out Sleek myself, but they sadly don't accept Paypal, I really hope they'll change that soon - -

Have a lovely Christmas!

Haru said...

hi Anna,
Merry Christmas to you too! Perhaps you can try Ebay for reliable merchants?

makeupmag said...

What an exquisite-looking watch! :)

Anonymous said...

wow great haul :D I love the dress! and the palettes! xD very nice!

Evonne said...

Hey babe!

What ring size are you? : D I'm looking at ASOS rings too but not so sure about the sizing....

Haru said...

Hey Evonne,
Sorry, I don't know my ring size! My Brilliant Rose certificate says "4.34-4.39", if that helps. For rings at Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, I usually have to get the Small size.

Evonne said...

thank you! : D I'm a 49 / size 5!
(had to dig out my ring receipt too LOL)

your fingers are so slim!

Anonymous said...

Nice dress. Are Lipsy dresses usually big or small?

Haru said...

This is actually my first Lipsy purchase so I can't say if their clothes usually run big/small.

Ivy Low said...

Arrghh babe I managed to snag a spare sparkle palette which I wanted to send to u for Christmas! Haha too late...

Haru said...

hi Ivy,
Aww, thanks so much for the thought! Hope you have another friend who likes makeup that you can give it to! Merry Christmas!