Tuesday 14 December 2010

Eating out in New Delhi Part 2

This is a quick round-up post of several great meals that I've had in New Delhi on this trip. There is quite a wide variety of restaurants here so eating out is not usually a problem. The prices are not as affordable as one would expect though, and similar to what one would pay in Singapore. I also frequently find the food to be too salty.

At an Italian restaurant, we had these yummy fried cheese and eggplant balls that just melt in your mouth.

Pumpkin pasta.

At a high-end Vietnamese restaurant in a hotel.

Simple meal of braised lamb with fried noodles.

My husband also brought me to his favourite dim sum restaurant.

This was husband's favourite char siew (roast pork) pastry.

Steamed prawn dumplings.

Cheong fun with prawns.

Siew mai

My favourite carrot cake!

Steaming hot sticky glutinous rice.

Finished off with a sweet helping of egg tarts.

The egg custard filling was pretty good although the crust is not as soft and flakey as Crystal Jade's tarts.

The restaurant was on the 15th floor so it had pretty good views of the city. You can see how hazy Delhi is.

In the distance is the stadium that was used recently for the Commonwealth Games.

The famous Lotus Temple.

Yesterday, we went to the Amici cafe at Khan Market for lunch. The Broken Brownie shake was heavenly, with tiny bits of brownie swirling in every sip.

I had the BBQ chicken burger while my hubby had the tenderloin.

Dessert was a simple tiramisu and coffee.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

the food looks delish!! but i am curious, since you are in india, why don't you eat more indian food?

Ling said...

I am so hungry! :) never know india sells such tempting chinese dim sum food too! :)

Haru said...

'Cos we are just not that into Indian food! I do eat Indian food occasionally in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Of course prices are not affordable and similar to Singapore. Coz its not their local indian food!

Haru said...

Would you eat cheap local Indian food and risk getting Delhi Belly? I think not.

Lynn.TrinketsLove said...

Gosh... I'm drooling over the dim sum and your Amici cafe lunch! The dim sum looks really impressive!

jenn said...

Woa... I like char siew pastry too! Want a taste of the broken brownie shake! Are there many Chinese food restaurants available or you always go to the same place to eat Chinese food?

Haru said...

hi Jenn,
There are many Chinese restaurants in New Delhi, but very few that serve good dim sum.

hi Lynn,
Yup, the dim sum restaurant was packed with Indian families!

Michelle said...

Everything looks so yummy and I spy your Samantha Thavasa x Liberty tote bag in your pics, nice!!!

Haru said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks! I was carrying the Samantha bag throughout this trip, and quite liked it as it was so lightweight and roomy. I usually prefer shoulder bags that leave my hands free but this was a nice change.

Kas said...

Everything looks great! I've been to India a couple of times and eating the cheaper local Indian food, especially on the streets is a total no-no for me - I'm Indian so I appreciate all the yummy smells and everything looks fab but I would never risk it. I even think twice before drinking holy water and take the tiniest sip. Partly because street food or those in cheaper establishments may not have been prepared in the best of environments. And even Indian food in good restaurants don't come cheap - in many places I've eaten (especially in Bangalore and Chennai) its comparable or sometimes even higher than Singapore prices