Monday 6 December 2010

Kinokuniya Christmas Sale and Anna Sui Book

Kinokuniya is having another 20% sale from 9-24 December for their cardmembers!

For Anna Sui fans, do also check out this new book which is a retrospective on the designer's career.

There are also two Anna Sui Journals available. See more details on Kino's website.


Esther said...

Hi Iris,
thank you so much about the info on the Kino 20% sales for members! Just in time for me to haul some Jap mags, the Neals Yard Remedies and Suzy's Zoo mooks! :) enjoy your trip visiting yr hubby! :)

Anonymous said...


Im wondering if stationaries is included as 20% or 10% always got confuse cos they dont write it on the poster :/

Haru said...

There is usually only a 10% discount on stationery items during such sales at Kino.