Monday 13 December 2010

By Terry Rose De Rose Sheer Liquid Blush

Several months ago, I was casually browsing at the Escentials boutique at Tangs Orchard when the By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid Blush No. 1 Fresh Rose caught my eye. The rose-scented liquid blush gave the most delightful glowy tint to skin. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. Subsequently, I tried looking for it at the Bloomingdale's in New York but to no avail. Finally, a couple of months ago, I chanced by the Escentials boutique and by a pure stroke of luck, it had finally come back in stock.

Needless to say, I didn't hesitate long before deciding to snap up this highly elusive product. The Sephora stores in Singapore also carry By Terry but they never have No. 1 Fresh Rose in stock. Online, the only website that seems to carry No. 1 Fresh Rose is where it costs €48 (about S$83). SpaceNK lists only No. 2 Corail Rose and No. 3 Amber Rose for £38 each (S$78.50) while lists No. 2 and 3 for US$54 each (S$70.60).

At Escentials, I paid S$106 (for 15ml), which is definitely the most hefty price I've ever paid for a blush. At least I did get my usual Tangs Citibank 10% rebate. If you are an Escentials member, you also enjoy a 3% discount on regular price items. There is no membership card for Escentials so you have to remind the SA to give you the members' discount.

By Terry is created by Terry de Gunzburg, who was formerly the Director of Makeup Design at Yves Saint Laurent where she helped to develop the famous Touche Éclat.

The light, non-greasy blush virtually melds into the skin. It gives the cheeks a natural healthy pink glow without any artificial frostiness (like some of MAC's Mineralize Skinfinishes tend to do). The elegant rose scent is quite distinct during the application process but not after the blush has set.

One pump tends to dispense too much for one application, but even if you apply a few layers, the blush still looks very natural. It is also very easy to blend with the fingertips. I usually apply it on top of my foundation, and then apply a very light layer of face powder on top.

The Rose de Rose No. 1 Fresh Rose is an extremely pricey indulgence but given how elusive it seems to be, I'm still glad that I managed to purchase it. Even with daily use, I'm pretty sure it will last at least a year as only a small amount is required for each application.

Here's the ingredients list.


birkinbagbeauty said...

I actually have the Amber rose and it is a perfect colour for that bronzy/blushy look. I love this product so much, especially the rose-based scent. I thought it would look too metallic on, but it is quite a natural glow when on. I see that with the shade you have on as well

And yes, you have to pump just a teeny bit in order to get the right amount, otherwise you are stuck with too much blush.

Karelessly in Love said...

It looks really frost on your hand but nice & natural on your cheeks.

Haru said...

hi birkinbagbeauty,
I'm slightly tempted to get the other shades as well but I think #1 Fresh Rose will last me for a good long while. I just wish the pump would dispense less each time! Even though I don't press the pump fully down, the amount that is dispensed is still usually too much for one application.

hi Karen,
The finish is not frosty at all, instead it's a lovely natural sheen.

dustyrose said...

I have a Stila baked blush duo (think it's called Pink Glow) which looked great when I first tried it at the store, but after buying it, I realize that it has a somewhat artificial frosty metallic sheen...kinda OTT & not in a good way...

Semona said...

very natural shade.

Kas said...

I have this too! From sometime ago and believe it or not, the rose scent is just the same as when I first got it! I like how it never applies streakily. its a pricey indulgence but hey, you work so hard and you definitely deserve a treat like this! :D