Saturday 25 December 2010

Re-organised Makeup Case

I decided to re-organise my makeup case and switch up to the new, super roomy case that was gifted to me by the kind folks at Anna Sui recently. With a depth of about 15cm, it's deep enough to store most eyeliners and mascaras vertically. These are the items that I use most frequently, with several of my daily staples as well as new acquisitions that I'll be trying out in the coming days.

As the case has no dividers, I decided to make my own by simply cutting up some Kenzoki product boxes and taping them together. This allows me to store the products grouped by product type instead of having everything lumped together in one messy jumble.

In these three small boxes, I have my mascaras (left), under eye highlighters (middle) and eyeliners (right).

The big box in the centre stores my Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasists, some lipglosses and my Maquillage Stick Foundation.

On the right side of the case are my new Sleek i-Divine palettes and blushes, lipsticks from Tom Ford, Burberry, RMK and Armani, as well as MAC and Addiction lipglosses.

In the side pocket at the back, I've tucked in my new Lakmé Silk Route quad, a RMK quad and a Topshop cream blush that I use frequently.

At the front of the case, I've stored my liquid base makeup (primers, foundation, concealer, highlighter), using the plastic box of a Seikisho Mask White (with one side cut off).

If you are looking for makeup storage options, it's always useful to check out Muji. I have both their 5-tray clear Lucite chest and the 6-drawer plastic chests.

As Mag received this case too, I'm tagging her to do a similar post! :-)


dustyrose said...

Hey Iris, I also recently cut off the top of a frosted plastic box so that I can store my lip products in an upright position :D

Anyway, I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to do a swatch theme post...for example, a Teal eyeshadow colour wheel of all the teal, turquoise & aquamarine shades you have & list your favourites in terms of texture, pigmentation, versatility & also the dupes, if any...

Haru said...

Hi dustyrose,
Sorry, I don't really like to do swatches, they just take too much time. Perhaps you can try Temptalia as she has been doing such a series recently, and her reviews are very detailed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,
Wanted to ask you about the Mac returns for 6 empties. Is it 6 empty Mac boxes or 6 used Mac pdts?

Haru said...

It's for 6 used MAC products, not the boxes. You don't have to return the boxes. You can bring back lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadow pots, brush cleanser bottles etc. Just look for the recycling mark on the box to know if they are eligible for the Back2MAC programme. For example, pencil eyeliners are not applicable, I think. If you bring back mini lipglosses, you need the whole set for it to count as one empty. You can't bring back just the metal eyeshadow pans.

miwitch said...

Fuahh... i feel like playing with your makeup there! Interested and well organised! ^_^

makeupmag said...

Thanks for collecting this case for me! I took pics of the case but they didn't turn out too well. Will do it again and fill it with pretties like you! :D

lizvan said...

Hi Haru,
I'd like to know does this case could fit MAC 15 eyeshadow palette or not? Thank you..

Haru said...

Yup the MAC palettes can fit inside the case.