Saturday, 4 December 2010

Panasonic DIY Dazzling Workshop

The skies were pouring again this morning as I made my way down to Vivocity for the Panasonic DIY Dazzling Workshop. I had signed up for it through Cleo magazine's website and received the confirmation call earlier this week.

The session was 2.5 hours long with about 15 participants. I think this was one of the most useful workshops I've ever attended due to the ample amount of time for hands-on practice with the various tools and beauty products. Each participant was provided with one set of the Panasonic face steamer, hair straightener and heated eyelash curler to try out. Shiseido was one of the sponsors of the workshop so there was also Aqua Label skincare and Majolica Majorca makeup.

The first part of the workshop was learning how to use the Panasonic Multi-styling Straightener, which is a 6-in-1 tool that can both straighten as well as curl hair. It has 5 attachments and heats up to 180 degrees (with 5 temperature settings to choose from).

The Photoceramic-coated plates supposedly help to maintain colored hair and hair moisture much better than normal ceramic-coated plates.

The straightener turned out to be quite easy to handle and the curls lasted quite well (after setting with a Shiseido Professional hair wax) with a perky bounce.

Next, we tried out the Panasonic Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer EH2473. Touted as the world's first Platinum Hot/Cold Teamer, the nanoparticle ion steam felt very cleansing without being too stuffy or hot.

It has three programme settings for meeting various skin concerns. We did the Skin Care Mode which alternates between the hot steam and cool mist. My skin felt very plumped up and moisturised after the course.

After that, the trainer went through skincare and basic makeup application using Aqua Label and Majolica Majorca. It was pretty standard stuff so I won't go into the details. We also got to try this Panasonic heated lash curler.

You have to hold the button down for 30-60 seconds for the curler to heat up. I'm still not comfortable holding a heated instrument so close to my eyes, so I'll continue sticking with my trusty MAC eyelash curler. The heated eyelash curler comes with a free Majolica Majorca mascara if you purchase it at the Panasonic roadshow at the Vivocity Atrium this weekend (near Tangs).

I was quite impressed with both the hair straightener and the face steamer and decided to purchase both after the workshop. I've been deliberating over getting a hair curler for quite some time but never knew which was a good one to buy. The hair straightener usually retails for S$99 but it is on sale at just S$79 at the Panasonic roadshow.

The face steamer is going at S$549, down from the usual price of S$599. The face steamer also comes with a free Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask (6 sheets) that has a retail value of around S$100. There is another face steamer model that is going at around S$249 at the roadshow and it comes with a different Shiseido mask. Below is the doorgift for the workshop, which also included the December issue of Women's Weekly.

And my lucky dip prize with my purchase!

Thanks to Cleo for organising the excellent workshop!


Kas said...

I like the hair! I like the hair! I like the hair!

Trish Lim said...

Wow, the curls are so gorgeous on you!

Lynn said...

Great deals! I love the soft curls in your hair! year, new look? :)

Anonymous said...

u look great with curls! thing is... with all the styling products, does it mean that you have to wash your hair everyday if you curl everyday?

i've been thinking of getting the panasonic ionic cleansing thing for a while too, but it's pricey; i use a handheld one by HABA... my face does feel smoother but i'm still a little skeptical over what it actually does

i do like the panasonic eyelash curler myself; i use the rod version which you just press on your lashes instead of pressing them in between the curler --hl

Haru said...

I wash my hair daily anyway, regardless of whether I put any products in it. I just wouldn't feel comfortable going to sleep without my hair being washed first. I've seen the heated curler that you just press against the underside of the lashes, and that seems safer to use than the type where the heated curler touches the eyelid.

Jenice said...

Nice curls!!! I like the nail polisher which you got from the lucky dip. Is it available locally??? Do review k?

Yen's closet said...

Wow, i like your hair colour! nice curls :)

Anonymous said...

How much is the heated eyelash curler? Thanks.

Haru said...

hi Rach,
I don't remember the price of the curler, sorry!

Michelle said...

Hi Iris, how have you been? Ooo, I have been wanting to find out more about the steamer for the longest time but I have only seen it in Chinese (in HK) or Japanese (online). Do let me know how long term usage of the steamer goes :)

Haru said...

Hi Michelle,
I've been good, thanks! Been travelling quite a bit as well. My mother used to be a beautician so I've done the face steaming many years ago with her professional steamer, and this seemed to feel quite similar. I'm excited to try it out!

Choka said...

Your hair is so pretty!!! I love the curls^_^

Sharleen said...

HI i just bought the Panasonic hot and cold steamer.
Would like to ask if it is normal to have a loud sound (dont know if it's blowing sound or something) during the cold mist part.. Cuz i watched the video showcasing the Steamer and there wasnt any sound at all during the hot or cold mist.

Is there any option whereby I can just select cold mist?
Oh and I read the instructions that I am supposed to clean the filter. (didnt know there is a filter inside) How do I go about doing that?

Thanks in advance!!

Haru said...

hi Sharleen,
I'm afraid I can't give any advice as I don't have the steamer with me at the moment. It's best for you to check with the store where you purchased it or perhaps with Panasonic customer service.