Friday, 24 December 2010

Kenzo Eau de Fleur de Yuzu

On Wednesday, I was at Raffles City for lunch with my mother and decided to check out the Robinsons sale. As Robinsons was giving S$20 off instantly with any S$200 purchase, I decided to purchase the new Kenzo Eau de Fleur de Yuzu(S$88, 50ml).

I love this series of fragrances and have virtually all of them except Silk. I used up a sample vial of Yuzu earlier this week and liked the refreshing soft citrus scent. It is quite soothing without any sharp bracing notes.

I also picked up the Blissful Ginger Fizz Perfumed Beneficial Water (S$78, 90ml) and Smooth Bamboo Water purifying toning lotion (S$48, 150ml). Robinsons had actually sent me a S$5 voucher that could be used at this sale but I didn't have it with me. To my pleasant surprise, the Robinsons cashier simply took one from a stack and applied it to my purchase! So I received S$25 off my purchase on the spot as well as the usual 5% rebate on my Robinsons card. Robinsons' system is so much simpler and hassle-free compared to Isetan and Tangs where you usually have to go to another counter and queue to collect your rebate vouchers after making the purchase.

The Kenzo gift with purchase of S$160 was very generous as usual. The 10-piece gift includes this Energizing Bamboo Splash (10ml) purse spray which comes in a lovely cushiony pouch. This alone retails for 1575yen (S$25) in Japan.

The deluxe skincare samples of Face Phenomenon Deep Moisturizing Serum, Melts On Contact Face Gel, Nightwatcher, Bare Body Night Cream, Fresh Jelly & Gum Drops (face scrub) and Cream with a Zing.

This soft cotton reversible pouch is simply adorable with an origami-like design. When the blue cloth is on the outside, the pouch has a boxy shape.

Flip the white side out and it forms a flat rectangular shape instead! Pretty nifty, no?

And finally, another Bright Face Supplies travel kit with empty pots, a headband, face sponges etc. I think I have at least 3 of these now!


. : * justine * : . said...

Do you like the Kenzo skincare line? It isn't available in Calgary but I've heard a lot of good things about it! I am looking for a new toner and a moisturizing cream (my skin is ridiculously dry lately) and I think the line can be found on Ebay so I'm willing to try it... will have to check MUA for reviews! I love citrus and fruit scents but I never buy perfume since we're not supposed to wear it at work!

Haru said...

hi justine,
I love the Kenzo skincare line and have almost every product in it, either in the full size form or sample form as they always have generous GWPs. It's not that great for addressing acne but it's good for addressing hydration concerns. The line doesn't irritate my skin and the scents are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what really draws me to this line is the scent when i tested them out in the departmental store. They are simply so 'zen' and different from all other products in the market. However, i've sensitive skin hence have put off trying new stuff for quite a while especially sillicone products. Which one item would you recommend for a first timer like me to try out, Iris?

Haru said...

Perhaps you can start off with the basic skincare items like the Clearwater Gel which is a refreshing and hydrating face lotion that is applied with a cotton pad after you've washed your face and before applying moisturiser. For face cleanser, the Chilly Foaming Cleanser is a good basic cleanser. I don't like the Enveloping Velvety Wash as it doesn't feel like it rinses off cleanly and it's more for dry skin.

The Melts on Contact Face Gel is a lightweight face moisturiser that doesn't feel like it's packed with silicones.

For the eyes, I highly recommend the Relaxed Eye Whipped Cream which I mentioned in the post.

Tiffany said...

hi Haru
wow, may i know when will the " S$20 off instantly with any S$200 " promotion ends in robinson? thanks

Haru said...

I think it was a one day only promotion for Wednesday.