Friday 3 December 2010

Lunasol Spring 2011 Base Makeup & Skincare

Lunasol will release its Spring/Summer 2011 base makeup and skincare collection on 18 February in Japan. It includes:

1. Water Gel Foundation SPF25 PA++: Comprising 65% water. Available in 6 shades. (4725yen)

2. Watery Makeup Base: SPF27 PA++ (3675yen)

3. Foundation Sponge L (630yen)

4. Watery Oil Cleansing N: cleansing oil (2625yen, 200ml)

5. Foaming Cream Wash N: cream cleanser that foams up easily (2100yen, 120g)

6. Foamy Moist Wash: foam cleanser (2625yen, 125ml)

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