Friday 3 December 2010

Lunasol Ocean Scene Purification

Voce has posted some pics from the Lunasol press event in Japan for the spring makeup collection, 水景浄化(suikei jyouka, or Ocean Scene Purification). The collection will be released on 14 January in Japan.

The five new palettes are:
#1 Warm Ocean

#2 Natural Ocean

#3 Vivid Ocean

#4 Smoky Ocean

#5 Colorful Ocean


galpal.hi said...

The eyeshadow palettes look really pretty. I might have to order a couple of them. I really like the first one, Warm Ocean.

Karen said...

Hi Haru
have been reading your blog and thanks for all the prompt update.
the #3 Vivid Ocean looks similiar to their earlier release of Nature summer blue :)
by the way, if this is scheduled to release in Jan 2011 in Japan, when roughly will it arrive in singapore based on experience?

also, what's your favorite primer may i know? i know you review on shiseido refining makeup base, is that your favorite one dear?


Haru said...

Hi Karen,
The Lunasol collection can take up to 2 months to reach Singapore after Japan, so it could be here only in February or March. Best to check with the Kanebo counter directly in January for the exact date.

As for primers, currently, the Shiseido one is working the best for me.

Isla said...

Ooh, I hope those palettes are as vibrant as the pictures! If the apply like they look...#1 Warm Ocean looks gorgeous...and #3 is pretty too...#2 isn't really what I think of when I think of "ocean" but its still beautiful...pretty warm toned though, don't you think?
Which one is your favorite? Do you think you'll get any of them?

Haru said...

hi Agmini,
I like the look of #3 Vivid Ocean but it may be too similar to the other blue-themed Lunasol quads that I already own. I'll need to see these in person before deciding whether to buy any of them.

Michelle said...

Hopefully this collection will be more interesting that the AW10 collection. For once, I did not get anything from Lunasol (and Jill Stuart)! That said, I have been curtailing my beauty buys cos after awhile, all the shades looks the same.

Haru said...

Hey Michelle,
I've been cutting back on Jill Stuart purchases too as I find many of their shades to be repetitive, but I still usually pick up one or two palettes from the various Lunasol collection. I skipped this year's Lunasol holiday coffret though as it's just too bland for me even though the coffret looked very worthwhile as it also has a blush.