Friday 24 December 2010

Sleek i-Divine Palettes Haul

Just got awakened by my mother bearing yet another package! This is my haul of discontinued limited edition Sleek i-Divine palettes from Ebay. Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, Justine of Sakuras & Sunshine got to know about my recent love of Sleek palettes and recommended a reliable Ebay seller (lindas-cosmetic-corner). I purchased the palettes using "Buy It Now" on 12 December and the package arrived today from the UK. The seller still has several Sleek items listed currently but none of these palettes are left, so I'm glad to have snagged them when I did!

My order comprised 2 Graphite, 2 Bohemian, one Circus and one Curious palettes. The extra Graphite and Bohemian palettes are for Kas. I paid £7.99 for each palette, with the exception of Circus which was £5.99. International signed for postage was £18 for the lot, which works out to be £3 per palette. So that worked out to be about S$23 per palette, which is still cheaper than a MAC single eyeshadow in Singapore! It's quite a bit more compared to the original retail price of these palettes, but still not that expensive, especially considering that these palettes are on longer available on the Sleek website.

Here's a close-up look at the palettes, starting with Circus.




Looking forward to playing with these, especially Curious!


AtelierGal said...

Graphite resembles the 88 warm palette which I am trying to not purchase. You probably shouldn't check out the b****** because I have been staring at them for days now. Seemed like another NARS alternative.

Haru said...

I do have a couple of the Sleek blushes, picked them up a couple of months ago but haven't played with them much. The 88 palettes are just too overwhelming for me!

Lynn said...

I was scrolling and scrolling and BAM! Curious looks Fantastic! It actually looks like 2 palettes mashed together. Looking forward to see the ETODs you create with this!


Haru said...

Thanks, Lynn! A very merry Christmas to you too :-)

Blovet Beauty said...

can't wait to see ur swatches!

Jolyn said...

Merry Christmas Haru!

Thanks for doing looks with the Sleek palette colors, you have no idea how much help you have been for beginners researching on what color to put and where! Once I get my hands on 'em OOS palettes, I shall practice hard!

BTW, out of so many palettes that you own now, what else would you recommend besides the BAD GIRL and STORM? Just curious heh, don't wanna miss out when I order!

Haru said...

hi Jolyn,
I highly recommend the Original palette as I find it to have a good mix of shades and is more versatile compared to Bad Girl and Storm. Glad to hear that you find the posts useful! I'm no expert and most of the time, I just decide on the combination on the spot. And practice definitely does help to learn what shades and application methods work well for your eyes. Good luck with the palettes!

jenn said...

Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday!

Iris, where can we buy these Sleek palettes since they are no longer available on the sleek website?

How are these sleek palettes compared to the 88 palettes?

Haru said...

hi Jenn,
I don't own the 88 palettes so I can't really compare them. You can probably find reviews of the 88 palettes easily online. Personally, I wouldn't want so many shades in one palette as I think it's just too much to look at! Ebay is pretty much the only place to buy the discontinued Sleek palettes.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Lynn.TrinketsLove said...

Hi Iris!
You made me go 'WAHHHH' with your Sleek palettes haul! I was already very tempted and started lurking in eBay for a good deal when you posted on Bad girl palette! Now, I think I will break loose and go ahead with the palette haul :P

You are always such a genius in mixing and matching the eyeshadows! I enjoy viewing your FTODs :)

Merry Christmas to you!

Haru said...

Thanks, Lynn! Hope you manage to get the Sleek palettes smoothly too. They are truly great fun to play with. I'm no genius, I just practise and learn like everyone else :-) In fact, I didn't even start using eyeliner regularly until about a year ago! But now, I've realised the difference that it makes.

FarahDean said...

Curious & Graphite looks really nice. Where did you manage to snag them?

Haru said...

I bought them on Ebay.

makeupmag said...

And to think one of these is mine! THANK YOU, Iris! :D

(I need to take pics of it and post about it!)