Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Coffret D'Or New Base Makeup

Coffret D'Or's new base makeup collection for Spring/Summer 2011 focuses on creating "silk skin".

Due for release on 1 March in Japan, the collection includes:

1. Silky Lasting Pact UV SPF26 PA++: 7 shades

2. Silky Lasting Gel Foundation UV SPF26 PA++: 7 shades

3. Silky Lasting Base UV: SPF27 PA++

4. UV Cover Base SPF50 PA+++

5. Lucent Glow Finish UV SPF17 PA++ (face powder)

6. Cover Clear Finish UV SPF18 PA++ (face powder)

7. Pact Case: 2 designs


Ling said...

Dear Haru
Merry christmas to you, i did most of my shopping in Kino this year too e.g. buying hellokitty stickers, cute japanese motif print stationery, miffy plush toys for the little ones too and also not forgetting some self help books :P

speaking of coffret d'or have you used any of their base product like liquid foundation/power? i think their product is more well known for eye shadow..how about lunasol? it seems many are talking about their eye palette but have you tried their base product too such as their pressed powder? :P i have tried lunasol modelling water foundation and i found it's just ok quite comparable to covermark actually and it has good coverage and oil control, just that i felt the tint to be a bit on yellow side

Haru said...

Nope I haven't tried any Coffret D'Or base makeup. I don't like the revamped line much so doubt I'll be trying them soon. I have tried Lunasol's foundations but didn't find them to be thatt special.

ルーシー said...

hi haru,
I love your blog so much!
Is that true that coffret d'or will be pulled out singapore by 2011? How sad...
I hope it's still available there because I'll visit singapore on mid january 2011 :( so much expecting coffret d'or products


Haru said...

Yes,Coffret D'or is pulling out and they are not bringing in any new collections as Kanebo is focusing on the Lunasol brand. You can try ordering from adambeauty.com which ships internationally and has reasonable prices.