Thursday 9 December 2010

Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection

A Japanese blog has a sneak preview of the Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection that will be released on 28 January in Japan. The collection includes two Oil Blotting Cases and a Heart Gloss Trio (3675yen) of three lip gloss pots in a heart-shaped container.

Kyoko Iida's blog also has pics of the Blush Blossom #6 and and Mix Blush Compact #13 and new Lip Jewel glosses that will be released as part of the spring collection on 14 January in Japan.


Ling said...

Thanks for sharing the Jill Stuart news. hope they can bring in Jill Stuart to singapore soon, never mind if they can't do cafe :p we just want JS, JS *sticking spears in the grass field like the africa tribe* hahaha

what do you think of their pure brightening UV day care powder? it's a skincare plus touch up powder but i believe it's much more skewed towards makeup item just with added brightening skin ingredients. it has been on my shopping wish for a long long time but really not sure if it's good. what do you think, Haru? thanks!

Haru said...

hi Ling,
I haven't tried the JS Pure Brightening UV Day Care powder so I really can't say if it's good or not. It looks very pricey for something that is basically just a face powder with sun protection (and even then, the SPF is not very high at just SPF15). If you want skin whitening effect, it's probably better to use skin whitening skincare like a serum or essence rather than a powder. The skin whitening ingredient in the JS powder is Vitamin C.

Ling said...

Thanks Haru. same sentiments too, that's why i am holding on this purchase but their mix blush compact is really to die for. so far, i have one Baby blush 01. i use them too.

i am thinking of adding another baby to my family. 1 is too lonely wahahaha and i found 08 romantic poppy to be a great choice, it has a rather interesting combination of light pink, orange, muted rose beige and deep plum mauve. The overall color is a rosey beige