Monday, 13 December 2010

Lakmé and L'Occitane Haul

When visiting New Delhi, I usually don't buy much except for the occasional Lush haul. This time, thanks to Kas, I came armed with a shopping list of Lakmé makeup to CP for her and Mag. Lakmé is also available in Singapore at Mustafa but the selection can be unpredictable.

In New Delhi, Lakmé (which is owned by Unilever) is sold in department stores, alongside brands like Maybelline, Bourjois, Max Factor etc. The products are quite affordable with most costing under S$20. I was particularly impressed with the Eye Quartets from the fall "Gypsy" collection. These are actually made in Taiwan and retail for 425rupees each (about S$12.50). You can see the full Gypsy collection here.

The eyeshadows have a lovely metallic finish and good colour payoff. I also liked the vibrant colour combinations, which are relatively rare among masstige brands. The palette above is Tanjore Rush while the quartet below is Silk Route.

Moondust Eye Quartet, from the permanent line-up.

Also from the Gypsy collection is this lovely Black Satin Kajal. At just 150rupees (about S$4.50), this looks like an absolute steal!

The Lip Palette was the most expensive item in the Gypsy collection at 600 rupees.

The Earth Rose Blush Trio reminds me of a similar blush made by Estee Lauder some time ago.

True Wear Nail Colors (90 rupees each).

The Glide On Eye Colors in (left to right) Plush Purple, Peacock Green, Aqua Green and Metallic Black. These are made by Schwan Stabilo in Germany and retail for 275rupees each (S$8).

From left to right: Eye Magic in Gold, Jewel Sindoor in Maroon (for use on the scalp at the hair parting) and a Sheer Satin Lip Gloss.

At the L'Occitane store in Khan Market, I splurged on the Rose de Neiges (Snow Rose) Sugar Scrub, which comes with its own little wooden scoop. This is not available in Singapore (which only has the Rose de Neiges shower cream, body cream, hand cream and bar soap). The kind SA also included a generous number of samples with my purchase. :-)

Hope you've enjoyed this look at an Indian makeup brand!


Von said...

the eyeshadow looks so pigmented. i've got the feeling that these are made in mind for darker skin. absolutely can't wait to see how these work its magic on your fairer skin :D definitely will bring in the vibrant indian culture to brighten your day.

The Misery Chick said...

Tanjore is beautiful! :) I bought an e/s duo from Lakme at Mustafa a couple of years back, and it was soo smooth and silky, like butter. Too bad the selection there is, as you said, unpredictable.

I enjoy reading your India posts. :) Hope can go India some day. I really wanna see Jaipur!


Anonymous said...

Although this is a beauty blog, I am interested to see if you bought any clothes or accessories in India. They do have nice textiles

Haru said...

Nope, I didn't buy any clothes or accessories here. My closet at home is already bursting!

hi Maya,
Glad to hear that you are enjoying the India posts. I don't do much sightseeing here, mostly just go out for meals with my husband, so I don't have very interesting pics of the place. Hope you get to visit Jaipur some day!

Hi Von,
When the SA swatched the eyeshadows on my hand, I was like "wow"! The colourful combinations fit nicely with the Gypsy theme and I think they would work very well on both fair and dark skintones.

Fiona Star said...

thanks for introducing us to a new brand! the colours combinations do look unique. and it's so interesting that stabilo makes eyeliner pencils! cool.

Lynn said...

Never knew such a wallet-friendly/ accessible product with such great value! Thanks for introducing a new brand to me, shall keep this in mind next time i'm heading to mustafa ;)

Urban said...

These are insanely gorgeous !!! I am so jealous ... ;) Especially the eyeshadow quads are to fall in love with ...

Anonymous said...

i love the lip palatte of neutral shades!

Anonymous said...

That was sweet of the SA at L'Occitane in India. You have to open your mouth & ask before the Singapore SA will bother to give you any samples even with purchase. They would usually do it unwillingly.

Dini said...

I love Lakme! I haven't been to India for about six years so I haven't been able to stock up. I'm a Chindian and I find that the colors they have esp for foundation is a really good match for my skin.