Sunday, 5 December 2010

Magie Deco Spring 2011

Magie Deco has updated its website with the upcoming spring collection, Sugar Magic, which features sweet shimmery pastel shades.

The collection includes:

1. Shadow Brilliance II: LC039 Pastel Sugar (mint green x yellow), DC040 Cassis Macaroon (purple gradation) and LC041 Maple Sugar (nude beige gradation) (5775yen)

2. Fairy Rouge: WT073 White Sugar (milky white with red pearl shimmer), BE374 Candy Voice (beige with gold and silver pearl) and PK879 Sweet Drop (sweet pink with multi-colored shimmer) (2940yen)

3. Lipstick: RD456 Sugar Plum (red with gold pearl), BE869 Sweetness (milky pink beige) and PK890 Sweet Angel (coral pink with gold pearl) (3360yen)

4. Nail Color: BE360 Candy Ribbon (milky beige with gold pearl), PK863 Strawberry Milk (white pink) and BE864 Melting Syrup (pink beige)

To be released on 16 January in Japan.

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