Tuesday 7 December 2010

Visee Glam Nude Eyes N6 Rose Pink Fur

A few readers had asked for a review of the Visee Glam Nude Eyes N-6 Rose Pink Fur that I purchased during my recent trip. Rose Pink Fur is a limited edition palette from Visee's fall collection, which was produced in collaboration with a Japanese fashion brand, Royal Party. The collection also includes N7 Blond Fur and a Lash Blossom (Volume) mascara in BK002 Brown Black Fur. I skipped N7 Blond Fur as it is a beige/brown-themed palette that just did not appeal to me. The wonderful Kathi has reviewed the whole collection on Lotus Palace so do check out her review as well!

Visee makes some of the most affordable and good quality palettes that you can find in Japanese drugstores. The Glam Nude Eyes palettes are 1890yen each but it is quite common for Visee to be discounted by 25% to 30% in the major drugstores in Japan. I paid only 1323yen (about S$21) for Rose Pink Fur. I like the slim lightweight packaging, which makes the palette very convenient for travel, as compared to palettes from higher end brands which tend to be bulkier and heavier. The included applicator is alright although I found the sponge end to be a tad small.

The light beige shade in the top right corner is a cream base while the other four shades are powder eyeshadows with a bit of a glimmer, nothing too frosty or metallic. For ladies who are not sure about the order in which to use the shades, it is actually quite simple. Simply start with the light beige cream shade as the base, and then work your way through the shades in a counter-clockwise fashion, ending with the pink-toned beige which is meant to be dusted over the rest of the shades for an added glow.

Using Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist PK857 Sugar Glazed Pink as the base, I used the brush to sweep the medium pink shade over the eye socket area and the light pink shade over the browbone area. Next, I used the sponge applicator to apply the dark mauve shade along the upper and lower lashline.

I finished by using Laura Mercier Black Violet Khol Eye Pencil along the upper lashline and the outer half of the lower lashline and applying the Visee Lash Wide Impact (Curl Long) BK002 mascara.

For the rest of the look, I used Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream topped with a Paul & Joe face powder, Topshop Crushed Berry cream blush and Gloom gloss, Lancome Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator Bare Skin Perfecting Corrector Pen #1 and K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 01.

Overall, I think Rose Pink Fur is a nice palette to have for the daytime/office, when you prefer to keep your eye makeup simple and just want to make your eyes look more defined and alert without having to bother with complicated shading techniques or colour combinations. The shades tend to blend into one another, so you may have to use shades from other palettes or a separate eyeliner for greater contrast. I don't find the shades to be particularly unique but they would be very easy for most ladies to wear.

The Gloom lipgloss is from Topshop's fall Heavy Duty collection, which is now available at the new Topshop flagship store that has just opened in Knightsbridge (next to Paragon and opposite Mandarin Hotel). I read that several items from the collection has already sold out though. Gloom looks like a gothic blackened plum in the tube but actually it applies quite sheer and gives a lovely berry tint of colour. It feels quite moisturising but the applicator tends to come out of the tube with just a teensy glob of gloss at the end, so it takes about six or seven pumps in and out of the tube to get enough gloss for one application.

The Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream is actually a freebie that was included with this bumper pack of My Beauty Diary masks that is currently available at Watsons. The Lovely Girl BB Cream itself is not sold in Singapore. It comes in 5g tube that can be attached to your bag/purse much like the deluxe sample tubes of other Skin79 BB creams that you can purchase now at Watsons in a set of four.

Of all the Skin79 BB creams that I've tried, Lovely Girl has the lightest texture. If you have tried BB Creams before, you would know that most tend to have a thick, rather dense texture. Lovely Girl felt more like a traditional foundation and it was a breeze to apply. It's not watery but rather, it's a very light cream that virtually melded into my skin without any streaking or caking. The shade was also a perfect match for me with fairly good coverage and helped to even out my skintone.

Here's the ingredients list.

Thanks for reading!


birkinbagbeauty said...

wow, I cannot believe how fantastic these colours look with your brown eyes. Your face of the day looks incredibly harmonious as well. The Topshop gloss looks so wonderful on you, even though it looks quite scary in the tube. I might consider this one after seeing it on you

Haru said...

Thank you! The Topshop gloss is also very affordable. I paid just £7.50 for it in London. It looks very sparkly in the tube but on the lips, it definitely does not look glittery at all. Instead, it's more of a clear glossy shine.

Magdalena said...

It's sooo pretty... omg, maybe I should get it after all! Also thanks for the link!

leechie said...

V.nice! i like this visee palette...u look good with this palette! =)

leechie is lemming for this visee palette now...better not let my leechie mum know abt it =.="

dustyrose said...

Iris, that Gloom lipgloss is anything BUT gloomy!! Would love to get it but I already have an overabundant stash of lipglosses as it is :)

Haru said...

hi dustyrose,
I agree! I was hoping for a more pigmented dark berry gloss but nevertheless, Gloom is still a lovely lipgloss.