Tuesday 7 December 2010

L'Occitane Rose des Neiges Body Cream

In my 20s, I was not a fan of rose scents, which have the tendency to come across as being old-fashioned but in recent years, I've started appreciating rose scents as radiating femininity and romance. So I was quite keen to test out the sample sachet of L'Occitane Rose des Neiges (Snow Rose) Body Cream that was included in the January issue of CanCam, along with a lovely matching cotton scarf.

According to the product description, the limited edition body cream is inspired by a velvety white winter rose and enriched with sweet almond oil and rose absolute. Not only does it nourish and perfume skin with a delicate flowery fragrance, it also leaves a subtle iridescent veil on the body.

The body cream is quite emollient and absorbs easily into my skin, leaving it feeling very soft. My skin didn't feel greasy or sticky, although when I knelt on the marble floor of my apartment, it did leave a light oily ring on the floor (this was just a few minutes after I had applied the cream).

I did like the delicate rose scent which is not too cloying or generic. The micro sparkles are a nice touch if you are attending a party. They are tiny and sparse enough that you won't look like you dipped your body in a vat of glitter!

Here's the ingredients list. The cream is made in France. Like most L'Occitane products, it is on the pricey side. I think it was selling at S$53 for the 200ml pot at Changi Airport dutyfree, while the bar soap was S$6.50. The retail price in Japan is a whopping 5775yen (about S$91). I'm not sure if it is available in non-Asian countries as it is not listed on the L'Occitane UK, US and France websites but it is available in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. I also just saw it over here in New Delhi, India!


Tiffany said...

Speaking of L'Occitane, i have tried their skincare range called Immortalle or something, it's too rich. might not be suitable for oily to even combi /normal skin.

what do you think of La mer by the way? :) have you tried their skincare Haru dear? thanks

Anonymous said...

How large is the scarf? Was thinking of using it as a table cloth. Kindly advise. Thanks!

Haru said...

As stated in my earlier post, it's 40x40cm.

hi Tiffany,
I have tried some La Mer skincare (but not the famous cream) and it didn't strike me as being particularly special. The Immortelle range is for anti-aging so it's probably very emollient and more suited to dry skin.

saltvinegar said...

it's amazing how much you travel! Do you sometimes wish you dont have to travel so much?

ylang ylang said...

hi Iris,
I cannot help but think that you are like a fairy who can read others' minds and who answers prayers! :) I was at Terminal 1 today and I saw the body cream and was deliberating on whether I should get it. Actually a thought ran through my mind at that moment, I was thinking how nice it'd be if you can post a blog on this and to my greatest surprise, I saw your post a few hours later!! I cannot help but smile. Now I am more certain I will be getting this! Yes it was $53 at the airport vs $70 in town. I also saw a travel exclusive of 4 types of rose scented L'Occitane hand creams going for $40+. It is 30ml per tube. Think I will be getting that too:) thanks for yr post! :)

Haru said...

hi ylang ylang,
Glad that you found the post helpful! :-) I also love L'Occitane's hand creams, except that I wash my hands very often so I always feel that it is too wasteful to use such an expensive hand cream when I'm going to be washing my hands again very soon.

hi saltvinegar,
I don't usually travel that much but I guess this year has been exceptional. I do quite enjoy travelling as I get to explore different places and most of the places I've been to this year are quite nice. I'm actually not a very adventurous traveller, and usually only prefer going to places where I know I'll be comfortable.