Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Dior Spring 2011 has posted pics and details of the upcoming Dior spring makeup collection.

The grey theme is an unusual choice for spring, but nevertheless, I'm looking forward to swatching this new quint! UrCosme has real-life pics of both the Dior and Guerlain spring collections on their Facebook page. Just click here for the photo album and keep clicking "next" to view the rest of the photos. There are also more pics of the Guerlain spring collection on Yuki's Lazy Channel.


Anonymous said...

Dior recent releases has been getting dull and predictable. It's eye palatte looks like a gloomy spring is coming.

beautytipshub said...

really like this post..Want to hear more from you in future..Thanks for this one:)

ashura said...

i am looking forward to this palette. Always preferred winter to summer collections

Kas said...

I definitely want to swatch and stalk for the Dior quint!

Haru said...

Hey Kas,
The good thing about Dior is that they are always among the first few brands to launch their limited edition seasonal collections, so my guess is that we'll be seeing this collection shortly after Christmas in our local counters!

hi ashura,
Same here, Dior's summer collections tend to feature a lot of gold and bronze tones which don't work well for me.