Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Body Shop The Sparkler

Seeing the Body Shop The Sparkler in one of Mag's shopping bags yesterday reminded me that I wanted to snag this delightful highlighter spray. It was already sold out at the Ion store but fortunately, the Wisma Atria store still had a few left.

Retailing at S$39.90, the limited edition Sparkler is a much more affordable alternative to Guerlain's D'Or Imperial Spray Powder (S$121). The Guerlain version is a shimmery gold while the Sparkler is "boudoir pink". It looks primarily silver on the skin with some pink reflects. I also prefer the sleek clean lines of the frosted bottle over that of the Guerlain version.

The powder is gossamer fine and adds a lovely delicate sparkle to either the décolletage or hair. The pink pump is easy to control and dispenses just the right amount of powder with each squeeze. Edited to add: In an absent-minded moment, I neglected to remove the plastic cap and squeezed the pump twice. When I removed the cap, a jet spray of the powder shot out all over my collar! Fortunately, the powder is so finely milled that I was able to spread it easily on my décolletage and arms without leaving much residue on my top. The sparkle is quite subtle, so there is no need to worry about looking like a glitter bomb.

Here's the ingredients list. The Sparkler is made in Thailand and is printed with a shelf life of 6 months, but I think it should be good for much longer than that.

As the Body Shop is currently giving a 25% discount with purchase of 3 items (or 15% discount with purchase of 2 items), I also picked up the Lychee Blossom Eau de Toilette and Morrocan Rose Body Milk. I haven't tried the latter yet but I'm already in love with the sweet fruity scent of the Lychee Blossom EDT!


galpal.hi said...

The Body Shop The Sparkler looks really pretty. I like the container too. I actually bought Tarina Tarantino's Sparklicity which looks very similar. I'll try to do a review post on it soon.

I wonder if we have the Lychee Blossom scent here too. It sounds lovely!


Haru said...

hi Kat,
It's probably quite similar to the Tarina Tarantino version. Looking forward to reading your review!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for The Body Shop post X'mas sales to buy their stufs. In the meantime, I had already purchsed gifts for friends and families at Crabtree & Evelyn.