Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Eating out in New Delhi

Mag was just asking me what I've been eating in New Delhi so I thought I'd do a quick food post! Yesterday, we went to the DLF Promenade mall and had lunch at this Asian restaurant called Tasty Tangles. This was the laksa.

Chicken pad thai

Thai red chicken curry

Ice tea and lemon cooler

After lunch, we stopped by the Cinnabon stall. There was a Bollywood actress appearing at the mall so there was a huge crowd.

Mini Cinnabons for breakfast this morning!

Also did a quick stop at the MAC store for Kas to see if they had the Studio Finish Concealer in NC45, which is not available in Singapore. Fortunately, they did! The MAC stores here are still only at the Fabulous Felines and the Nail Trend collection by Jin Soon. There's no sign of A Tartan Tale which has been out in Singapore since November. There was no other customer in the store and still, the MAC SA was visibly annoyed at having to help me as she was more interested in watching the Bollywood actress appearing outside the store. Anyway, I decided not to make the purchase that day.

In the evening, we went for crepes at Mrs Kaur's in Khan Market.

My husband had his favourite banana and chocolate crepe.

I had the fresh mango and butterscotch syrup crepe. Total sugar overload!

Have a great day ahead, everyone!


makeupmag said...

Yummy, yummy! That crepe is so prettily done up!

Amy said...

all these food are making me so hungry! the drinks look delicious! =)

Unknown said...

U travel to awesome places always :)

Is this for work, or holidays?

Ling said...

i am drooling over Chicken pad thai! if only singapore has more fantastic thai food like this!

Lynn said...

The crepes look absolutely DELISH :) Hope you're having fun there!

Haru said...

hi Mal,
Am on holiday :-)

Hi Lynn,
Thanks! Am having a great time :-)

hi Ling,
I think Singapore definitely has better Thai food than New Delhi. The Thai food here tends to be a bit too salty. Thai Express still tastes more authentic!

Furry Guy! said...

I wanna banana crepe again!!!!

shopaholic said...

oh how i miss authentic Indian food!!! and mango lassi :) have fun there & a great time with your hubby :)

Yumeko said...

i love this post, please show more of new delhi!

Haru said...

Hey Yumeko,
I'll try, but I don't really go out much here except to the malls and restaurants, as I'm not that into sightseeing in Delhi. So you'll probably see more food photos than anything else!

hi shopaholic,
Thanks! Actually I don't eat much Indian food when I'm in Delhi as we usually goto Chinese or Western restaurants.

Anonymous said...

haha it seems like ur hubby has a sweet sweet tooth! :) totally wicked crepes!

have a great time w hubs!!

Kas said...

LOL! That crepe is totally engulfed in chocolate! Everything looks delish. Ok, I want to go to India again - I'm reminded of how much I loved all my trips there :(